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  • POSTED ON 13.Nov.2013 22:44

    Check out this presentation about intooitus and our software quality assessment tools inFusion...

  • POSTED ON 11.Oct.2013 12:47

    inFusion v1.8.0 is out, with improvements to the GUI and several bug fixes.

  • POSTED ON 25.Jun.2013 17:03

    inCode Helium is the lightweight and most affordable version of our new generation of quality...

  • inFusion is engineered to put your development team in control of the quality of your project's architecture and design. It is designed to make quality assurance of multi-million LOC projects practical and effective.

  • inCode is a quality assessment tool designed by developers, for developers. It detects design flaws and helps you understand the underlying causes of quality problems. Fully integrated in Eclipse, it's the perfect daily companion for professional developers.